2011 Chinese Gourd Painting Art Contest


彩繪葫蘆-漢字之美漢字的故事大賽 / Chinese Gourd Art Contest


1) 20%的總分根據全球網路票選: 5/22/11~5/29/11. 
2) 80%的總分根據專業評審評選,由主辦單位邀請繪畫專業及中文數位教學經驗之人士擔任。
A. 彩繪葫蘆繪畫設計- 繪畫美術的設計及創造性: 40%
B. 正體漢字的故事- 漢字故事內容的豐富性: 40% (故事的表達以文字PPT影音方式且不限於中文)
Evaluation criteria:
1. 20% of the final score is based on Global online Internet voting:  5/22/11 to 5/29/11
2. 80% of the final score is based on a Judging Panel consisting of art, drawing and painting
professionals and experts or teachers who apply digital technology to Chinese teaching.
The evaluation criteria by a judge panel:
A. The artistic design and creativity on the painted gourd: 40%.
B. The content and richness of the story or commentary about Chinese characters on the painted gourd: 40% (not limited to Chinese presentation and the presentation can be done via essay, PPT, audio or video presentation).

2011 漢字文化節/蓋城中文學校-【彩繪葫蘆-漢字之美漢字的故事】實體操作