Principal's Letter 校長的信 4/22/2015

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Dear GCS family members,
We received a notice from the ICB (school facility rental office) that we cannot have the facility at 12:30pm, therefore, the food sales fund raising event is canceled.  However, our cultural activities will be on schedule and will start at 3pm.  Hope to see you all in the event.

Best regarding,
Hueling Evans

2015-04-21 23:06 GMT-04:00 Gcs, Principal <>:


我在上封信中提到,我們將在四月二十六日, 這個星期天,進行我們一年一度的食物義賣和中華文化節. 今年的主題是“端午節”.管教務長和老師們為了這個特別的活動已準備數個月. 我希望每個人,邀請您的朋友和家人,一起來參加這次的特別活動。



53日是一年一度的中文學校運動會在 丘吉爾高中 (上午11點至下午5點)報名表上禮拜已發給每一位學生。請填寫表格,並於426日送到學校。雖然我們53日沒有上課,但這是屬於上課的日子,請大家參加這個活動和為我們參賽的學生歡呼加油。

我在1月份時,請到Ms.Adrienne Lo 女士,IvyLead的創辦人,到校和我們的高中學生談談領導(Leadership)Ms. Lo和我提到她計畫辦一個家長研討會“解鎖領導潛能 - 從亞洲和美國的觀點”。有興趣的家長們,請直接與我聯繫,我可以給你更多有關研討會的信息。

正如我經常說的,大家的出席是對學校最好的支持。 希望可以看到所有的家長們在上述的活動中。





Dear GCS family members,

This coming Sunday, 4/26, is our Annual Cultural Day, and this year’s theme is “Dragon Boat Festival”.  As I mentioned in my last letter, Dean Kuan and our teachers have planned for this event for months, and we hope that everyone, including friends and family, come to join us for this special event.

Our Cultural Day starts with our annual food fundraising, which is organized by our high school class B students (11th and 12th graders).  Please refer to attached flyer with recommendations for food to bring, as a reference for parents.  Please bring your delicious food to school at 12:30pm to support this event, and we will start our lunch at 1pm.

Cultural Day activities start at 3pm. There will be fun activities for students such as making paper dragon boats, making sachets, and dragon boat story presentations.  A most interesting part is that everyone, including all our guests, will have the opportunity to make actual rice dumplings to bring home and enjoy from this special event!

The following Sunday, 5/3, is the Annual Field Day at Winston Churchill High School, from 11am to 5pm.  The registration form was already sent home.  Please complete the form and send it to school on 4/26.  Even though we don’t have classes on 5/3, it is considered a school day, and we want everyone to attend this event and cheer for our participating students.

Guest speaker, Ms. Adrienne Lo, who gave us a Leadership speech earlier this year, is planning to have a Parent seminar "Unlocking Leadership Potential - from an Asian-American perspective" .  For those parents who are interested, please contact me directly so I can share with you more information.

As I always say, your presence shows your support for the school.  I hope to see everyone at the above events.

Best regards,

Hueling Evans