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 學校開學了,我很高興看到許多熟悉的面孔,更高興看到新成員加入。 歡迎大家一起到蓋城來學習中文.  如同我在上週簡短的開學典禮中提到,學習中文應該是有趣的,因為它幫我們的學生開啟了一扇門看到一個珍貴而有數千年歷史的世界,學習不同的文化,語言,音樂和種種和西方不一樣的東西。我衷心希望我們的學生能夠享受這樣的學習和利用所有蓋城可以提供的資源,無論是語言課, 多媒體或是文化課的學習。

我也要藉此機會向我們的前任校長邢文森 說聲謝謝,  謝謝他過去的4年為學校作的奉獻和努力,尤其是他在數位化教學方面的推展,使蓋城被僑委會認可是多媒體和數位化教學示範點。邢校長雖然卸下校長一職, 但是還是繼續幫忙在數位化的教學活動.  邢校長, 非常謝謝您為蓋城的付出!

我們的課外活動將從本星期日(9/15)開始下午45.  我們已設有許多有趣的活動給學生和家長們。今年,我們要增加扯鈴和皮影戲。我要特別感謝家長張佩惠女士為我們的學生借到12個扯鈴, 同時也歡迎新的老師 Mr. Joe Nielsen 來教扯鈴。在皮影戲課裡, 學生將有機會學習皮影戲的起源和對我們的文化影響.  學生也會有機會設計和製作自己的皮影偶和演出。我本人會教導這堂課. 這個週日(9/15)點心時間會有示範演出,有興趣的家長,請加入我們!附上的是文化課的表格, 請家長填好後交回.



註冊:尚未註冊的同學,請趕快註冊,以方便學校作業。註冊單及相關資訊,請上學校網站查詢(www.gcs-md.org), 或是http://www.gcs-md.org/document/forms

 新家長會9/22/2012 14:10這是讓新加入蓋城的新成員,有機會了解學校的運作,及成員的權利與義務。希望能見到所有的新家長。

全校家長會9/29/2012 14:10由董事會及校長報告學校的現況及展望,並聽取家長們的建議及回答疑問。希望能見到您。

中秋節即將到來, 祝福您闔家佳節愉快!


Dear GCS family members,

Welcome back!  I was glad to see a lot of familiar faces, as well as new members at our first day back to school last week.  As I mentioned in the brief school opening ceremony, learning Chinese should be fun because it opens a door to a different world which brings excitement of a different culture, language, music and other things.  I sincerely hope that our students enjoy their learning of Chinese and appreciate what GCS can offer to them.


I want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our former Principal Vincent Hsing for his dedication and efforts in the last 4 years, especially his work to make GCS a school recognized as a multimedia and digitalized Chinese learning center. Even though Vincent retired from the Principal’s position, he will continue support the promotion of multimedia Chinese learning.  Principal Hsing, thanks for all you have done!


Our extracurricular activities will start this coming Sunday (9/15) from 4 to 5 pm.  As you all know, we have fun activities for both students and parents.  This year we’re going to add Chinese YoYo and puppet show.  I want to give special thanks to our parent, Ms. Pey-Huey Chang, who managed to borrow 12 YoYos for our students if they don’t have one.  I also want to welcome our new teacher, Mr. Mr. Joe Nielsen to teach the YoYo class.  In terms of puppet show, students will have the opportunity to learn the origin of puppetry and its impact to our culture, and will make their own puppets and present a play.  I’ll teach the puppet show class myself. There will be demo during snack time on Sunday (9/15),   Parents, please join us if you are interested! Attached is the extracurricular activity form. Please fill it out and have your child(ren) bring it back to teacher.


Additionally, our energetic and super experienced Zumba teacher, Lisa Peng, is going to offer a free tryout class from 3 to 4 pm.  I hope that parents take this opportunity to exercise and have fun at the same time.


Following are some important reminders for parents:


Registration: Please register, if you have not done so. Registration forms and information can be downloaded from the school web site www.gcs-md.org or click this link http://www.gcs-md.org/document/forms


New Parent Orientation:   On 9/22/2013 at 2:10 pm New Parent Orientation will be held at school. This is for all parents new to GCS and provides information on how GCS operates and GCS families’ rights and obligations.  I hope to see all new parents in attendance at this orientation.  All GCS parents who want to learn more about the school are encouraged to attend this meeting as well.

Parent Meeting:   On 9/29/2013 at 2:10 pm a Parent Meeting will be held in the school cafeteria. GCS board members and the principal will hold a parent meeting to report current progress and the future direction of our school.  We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.   We hope to see all parents at this meeting.

Hope all of you have a great Moon Festival!


Hueling Tsai Evans




WebMaster Gcs,
Sep 13, 2013, 9:24 PM