Principal's Letter 校長的信 9/28/2014

posted Sep 26, 2014, 3:39 AM by WebMaster Gcs

English is below


上個星期天我們進行了新家長會,  會議中我提到學校的歷史還有我們去年慶祝40週年的校慶。我想蓋城可以建校如此久遠,最大的原因是許多家長和老師們,努力不懈的對中文教育的推展和辛苦的付出,才有今天的成果。我誠心的希望不論是新舊家長,我們共同來為我們下一代的中文教育努力,同時也給蓋城加油,多參與學校活動,多給老師一些鼓勵, 一起來營造一個美好的學習環境給我們的孩子們。


這個星期日928, 是我們每學期一次的家長會,  藉由這個會議家長們可以瞭解學校的最新信息,財政,教學方向,和新學年的計劃。您的出席是對學校的支持,我希望能在會議上看到每一位家長。




星期六 9/27 11am在文化中心 (901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD) 將有一年一度的祭孔大典,這個典禮不只是紀念孔子的誕辰,更是表達對所有老師們的尊重和謝意。請大家踴躍參與。這個星期日928日就是教師節,也請家長們提醒孩子向老師說聲謝謝。






Dear GCS family members,


We had a new parents’ meeting last week with part of my presentation about GCS history.  I told the new parents about how GCS was founded with 7 families and that we celebrated our 40th anniversary last year.  GCS has such a long history thanks to the many parents and teachers who through their tireless efforts have kept alive the promotion of Chinese education.  I sincerely hope that all parents, old and new, will work together to create a positive and fun learning environment for our children.   At the same time, please support GCS by attending school activities or providing any other needed support when possible. 

We have our once-a-semester Parents’ Meeting this upcoming Sunday, 9/28/14, at 2:10pm in the cafeteria.  We will be revealing GCS's most up to date information, finances, teaching direction, and plans for the upcoming year.  You are part of the GCS family, and it is important for you to learn all this information. Your presence definitely shows support for the school, and I hope to see you at the meeting.

10/5/2014 is our annual picnic. We will have it at Black Hill Regional Park this year.  Please refer to the attached flyer with detailed information.  Please don’t miss this opportunity to share the best dish you have!

There will be a Confucius Ceremony this coming Saturday, 9/27/14, at 11am at the TECRO Cultural Center (901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD).  This ceremony not only celebrates Confucius’ birthday, but also is designed to show our respect and appreciation for all teachers.  You are very welcome to attend this ceremony.  This Sunday, 9/28, is Teacher’s Day.  Do not forget to remind your children to say “Thank You” to their teachers.


I hope you enjoy the colors of Fall!



Hueling Evans