Principal's Letter 校長的信 11-27-14

posted Jan 10, 2015, 6:45 AM by WebMaster Gcs

今天是感恩節 –是家人和朋友聚在一起的時間,也是一個讓我們回顧和感恩我們所擁有的節日, 尤其是感恩那些幫助過我們的人。我想到我們的學校,我要說“謝謝” 給很多的人。因為許多人無私和奉獻的精神給蓋城和中文教育,蓋城可以走過40的年頭。就拿我們的董事會主席王裕勝 James 為例子,James總是在學校第一個到達,也是最後一個離開。點心時間的桌子設立和收放, 他都在幫忙,他和他的家人為了學校一年一度的野餐能夠有個好位置並節省租金,早在野餐開始前2小時就到場地。學校的每一個主要活動,無論校內校外,他一定到場支援,你總能看到他忙來忙去,確保一切準備就緒。James對學校的付出和幫忙,就是一個讓我們感恩很好的例子。除了James,我還知道許多家長和老師們為學校的幫忙,由於篇幅有限,我無法一一列出他們的名字. 藉這封信,我要向所有幫助學校的蓋城人說聲謝謝.
我們高A班學生一年一度的多媒體導覽比賽開始全球票選了! 謝謝所有參與老師,學生和家長們在過去幾個禮拜,積極的進行準備這項活動,學生完成的作品都已放在網路上展示.  希望所有蓋城人給同學們支持到網站上選出最喜歡的作品, 也希望大家告訴親戚和朋友們一起欣賞同學的作品並給他們加油鼓勵! 投票時間即日開始到 12/1結束.  家長們可直接到學校網站,或下面連結去投票.
Dear GCS family members,
Today is Thanksgiving – a time for family and friends to get together, and also a time to count our blessings and give thanks to people who helped us, especially during difficult times.  When I think about our school, there are many people I want to say “thanks” to.  Because of their dedication to GCS and to Chinese education, our school has succeeded in its mission for more than 40 years.  Take our Board president James, for example; most Sundays he is the first one arrive at school and is the last one to leave.  He and his family got to the site 2 hours early in order to preserve a good table for our annual school picnic. At every major school event, you can always see James running around to make sure everything is ready.  James is a good example of selfless giving to our school.  Of course, there are many others who give GCS their time and talent; unfortunately, I can’t name them all in this letter.

Parents, if you have not volunteered your time to GCS recently, please come forward.  No act of kindness is too small.  Your small gift of time will go a long way. With your help, I sincerely hope our school will continue its work for another 40 years.

A reminder: It's voting time for our Chinese Multimedia Presentation contest.  Our students and teachers worked hard on these projects, and now students’ complete work is on display on our school website.  Please go to the website link below to enjoy those beautiful artworks and vote for your favorite one.  Please pass the news to families and friends to vote as well.  Voting has already started, and will end 12/1/2014.  Don’t forget to vote!
Due to the holiday, school is closed this Sunday, November 30.   I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Count your blessings!
Hueling Tsai Evans