Principal's Letter 校長的信 12-20-14

posted Jan 10, 2015, 6:46 AM by WebMaster Gcs
我有一個好消息和大家分享。我們的兩位學生,瓷 姑和黃品萱,代表我們學校參加一年一度的大華府中文學校中國書法比賽,並在各自年齡組 (小學組和高中組) 獲得優勝獎。我很為他們感到驕傲。非常恭喜這兩位同學. 我也想藉此機會向指導老師譚煥芬老師說聲“謝謝”,譚老師在蓋城擔任中國書法老師多年,指導家長和學生們。她還幫助我們的學生和家長的書法作品在圖書館中展覽。謝謝譚老師的幫忙. 如果您對中國書法感興趣,但還沒有機會練習,非常歡迎加入譚老師的課4-5pm。
另一個好消息,要和大家分享的是我們的家長,何心宇老師,主動提出來教導我們的高中生SAT數學練習的方案. 何老師目前是蒙郡公立高中的數學老師,他願意幫助我們的學生SAT準備和練習每週4-5pm。我們將在春季班開始這個數學課程。我希望高中班的學生們不要錯過這個機會趕快和班導師報名. 同時感謝何老師的支持。
由於聖誕節和新年放假,學校將在12月28日和1月4日停課。在1月11日開課。我希望大家有一個美好的假期, 也祝大家新年快樂!
Dear GCS family members,
I always enjoy telling good news in the beginning of the principal’s letter.  Two of our students, Katrina Wong and Belle Huang, represented our school and attended an annual Chinese calligraphy contest. Both of them placed in the top three of their respective age group, making me very proud of them and our school.  Please say “Congratulations” to these two students when you see them. I also want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our Chinese calligraphy teacher, Ms. Frances Luk.  Ms. Luk has been teaching Chinese calligraphy in our school for many years and provides instruction to both parents and students.  She has also helped in hosting the students and parents’ exhibitions in the library.  For those of you who are interested in Chinese calligraphy but have not yet had the chance to practice, please come after school from 4-5pm to learn from Ms. Luk.
The other news I want to share with you is that one of our GCS parents, Mr. Hsinyu Ho, has volunteer to teach our high school students SAT Math after school from 4-5pm.  Mr. Ho is a high school math teacher in Montgomery County and is willing to help our students prepare and practice math for the SAT.  The math lessons will begin in the spring. Thank you to Mr. Ho for your support of GCS and its families.
Last week we had our Chinese Multimedia Presentation contest award ceremony.  Thank you to all the parents, teachers, friends, and family who supported this event and participated in the online voting.  As I mentioned in the award ceremony, all the prizes were donated by our alumni and parents.  We appreciate the generosity of those donors and we hope the prizes our students received will promote their further learning of Chinese.   It is the giving season now, and I hope that parents will consider donating to our school  before the end of the year.
Our school will be closed on 12/28/14 and 1/4/15 for winter break.  School will re-open on 1/11/15.    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and I wish everyone a happy new year.
Hueling Tsai Evans