Principal's Letter 校長的信 1-9-15

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我想藉此機會, 祝大家新年快樂,萬事如意。

寒冷的冬季已來到,我要提醒大家學校的惡劣天氣關閉政策。通常我們按照蒙郡ICB的公告來決定學校關閉與否 。但是當我們認為有些惡劣天氣的條件情況下,並不安全,即使ICB允許我們打開,董事長James 和我會在週日早晨做出決定,並將學校決定關閉的通知給所有的蓋城家庭成員, 老師, 班父母 和家長們。 請家長們參考ICB辦公室的鏈接:
1月11日2-3PM:我特別安排Adrienne Lo 女士,IvyLead的創辦人,到校和我們的高中學生談談領導能力 (Leadership)。Ms.Lo具有工商管理碩士,耶魯大學畢業,曾擔任大學招生面試的考官,現任職於AstraZeneca人力資源分析師。請大家參考附上演講議程。我邀請所有家長參加這個演講,因為家長們在我們孩子的領導能力發展當中扮演一個非常重要的角色。希望大家踴躍參加。
1月18日:春季班在下禮拜即將開始,學校已開始接受報名。請家們填好附上的報名表連同支票交給註冊組,或者家長也可以去學校的網站,www.gcs-md.org下載表格。 我們的推薦計劃仍在進行。請大家幫忙告訴親朋好友學校在招收新生,推薦的家長和新的學生家庭都能夠獲得學費折扣。

1/11/15 and 1/18/15: 請大家注意我們這個星期天(1/11) 和下個禮拜 (1/18),都沒有課外活動 (4-5 pm) 請家長們在4:00 PM來接您的子女.
1/25/15: 我在上封信提到,我們的家長,何心宇老師,主動提出來教導我們的高中生SAT數學練習的方案.這個SAT數學課將在1月25日開始,並一直持續到四月每週4-5pm。如果您的子女有興趣,請告知老師並將50元的支票(抬頭GCS)給財務游昭松。 我希望高中班的學生們不要錯過這個機會趕快和班導師報名. 同時感謝何老師的支持。
2/1/15:董事會和我誠摯地邀請您參加我們每學期一次的家長會, 希望藉由這個會議家長們知道蓋城的最新信息,財政,教學方向,和來年學年計劃。 您的出席是對學校的支持,我希望能在會中看到每一位家長。
Dear GCS family members,
Happy New Year!  I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone has a happy and prosperous 2015! 
Winter’s cold weather is here, and I want to remind everyone about our school’s inclement weather policy. Normally we follow Montgomery County / ICB’s decision.  However, for situations when we think weather conditions are unsafe, even though ICB allows us to open, Board President James Wang and I will make a decision on early Sunday morning and will notify all parents about our school closing decision. Here is the link to ICB’s office for Community Use of Public Facilities:,  We will also post the school closing information on our website:

Our school has a full schedule in front of us for the new year.  Please refer the following for details:

1/11/15 2-3pm:  I have arranged to have a speaker, Ms. Adrienne Lo, founder of IvyLead, to talk about Leadership to our high school students. Ms. Lo is a Yale admissions interviewer, MBA, and human capital strategist at AstraZeneca.  Attached please find a sample agenda of Ms. Lo’s speech.   I want to invite all parents to attend this speech since parents play a very important role in our child’s leadership development. Hope to see everyone at the speech.

1/18/15: This is our 1st day of Spring semester, and we have started Spring registration.  Attached please find the registration form, or you can go to our school website, to download the form. Please note that our Referral program is still on. Please help to spread the word that our school is recruiting new students, so both you and the new student family can receive a tuition discount.   

1/11/15 and 1/18/15: Please note that there is no EA class (4-5 pm) for the next two weeks (1/11 and 1/18), so please pick up your child(ren) at 4:00 PM.

1/25/15: As I mentioned in my last letter, parent Mr. Hsinyu Ho has volunteered to teach and practice SAT Math for our students from 4-5pm. This SAT Math program will start on 1/25/15 and continue until April.  If your child(ren) are interested, please inform your teacher and send a check for $50.00 (payable to GCS) to our Treasurer, Mr. Chaosung Yu.
 2/1/15: It’s our once a semester meeting.  In this meeting you will learn GCS's most up to date information, finances, teaching direction, and plans for the coming year.  You are part of the GCS family, and it is important for you to learn all this information.  Your presence definitely shows support for the school, and I hope to see you at the meeting.
Obviously we have a very busy schedule in the beginning of the new year.  I thank you in advance for your support for all these events.
Hope everyone stays safe and warm.
Hueling Evans

WebMaster Gcs,
Jan 10, 2015, 6:48 AM
WebMaster Gcs,
Jan 10, 2015, 6:48 AM
WebMaster Gcs,
Jan 10, 2015, 6:48 AM