Principal's Letter 校長的信 - 2/8/15 Parent's Meeting 家長會

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在信的一開始,我要祝賀顏照晃先生當選我們新任董事會董事長 。照晃目前是我們IT組的組長,未來他也會負責整個董事會的運作。同時,我要謝謝剛卸任的董事長王裕勝James在過去6年中為學校所付出的努力。James提到雖然他已卸任,他還是會繼續支援學校的活動,請大家和James說聲謝謝,也歡迎照晃擔任董事長一職。

上個月我們有個成功的講座,由Ms. Lo演講“領導潛能”,他的演講稿已經張貼在我們學校的網站。Ms.Lo告訴我,如果家長們有興趣,她願意提供小班的課程。有興趣的家長們,請直接聯繫Ms.Lo (聯繫方式在演講稿中) 。

上個學期我們有一個非常成功的寶島食品銷售的活動, 我們決定在這個星期天開始這學期寶島食品的銷售。 請家長們填好附上的訂購表格開學時交給財務游昭松. 這是幫學校一個集資的機會.  訂貨和拿貨的過程都非常簡單快速。希望家長們踴躍支持這項活動! 請使用附件的表格開始訂購美味的中國食品!


2/8/15 2點:董事會和我誠摯地邀請您參加我們每學期一次的家長會, 希望藉由這個會議家長們知道蓋城的最新信息,財政,教學方向,和來年學年計劃。 您的出席是對學校的支持,我希望能在會中看到每一位家長。

2/21/15:由於我們上次在Quince Orchard圖書館支持慶祝中國新年出色的表現,Quince Orchard 圖書館再次邀請我們今年支持中國新年慶祝活動. 這是我們的榮幸和我們的社區一起慶祝和分享這個特殊的節日。這個活動將於2015年2月21日(星期六)11點到1點舉行。附上的是圖書館的海報。我和管教務主任和董事會已籌劃了幾個月。我要提前說“謝謝”給所有支援的老師,學生和家長們。我希望每一個蓋城家庭都參予這項活動,給蓋城加油!。

2/22/15是我們一年一度的中國新年慶祝活動, 活動將於下午1點由豐盛的年菜開場  (12:30開始設置) , 還有精彩的表演, 攤位和豐富的抽獎活動. 請大家別忘記帶一道最好的拿手菜,甚至一份獎品來與所有的蓋城人分享。





Dear GCS family members,

To start things off, I want to congratulate Mr. Chao-Huang Yen as our newly elected President of the Board.  Chao-Huang currently is our IT lead and with his new role, he will have the responsibility of the Board as well.  At the same time, I want to give my sincere “Thank You” to our retired President, James Wang.  James has provided dedicated services to our school for the last 6 years as our President and I truly appreciate all his efforts.  Please give your best wishes to James and welcome Chao-Huang as our new President.  

We had a successful leadership speech by Ms. Lo last month.  Ms. Lo’s presentation “Unlock the Leadership Potential” has been posted on our school website,  Ms. Lo told me that she is willing to offer trial group class if parents are interested.  Please contact Ms. Lo directly.  Her contact info is listed in the presentation file.

The Chinese food (e.g. Taiwanese sausage, pork and beef jerky, etc.) is selling at our school again! This is also a fund raising opportunity for our school.  It’s an easy process for ordering and pick up.  Please use the attached form to start your delicious Chinese food purchase!

As I mentioned in my last letter, we have a full schedule in front of us.  Please refer the following for details:

2/8/15: This coming Sunday is our once a semester Parent’s meeting.  In this meeting you will learn GCS's most up to date information.  You are part of the GCS family and it is important for you to learn all this information.  Your presence definitely shows support for the school and I hope to see you at the meeting.

2/20/15: Due to our outstanding performance at Quince Orchard Library to celebrate Chinese New Year last time, we are invited to support the Chinese New Year celebration again at the QO Library.  It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate and to share this special festival with our community.  This celebration will be held on Saturday, February 21, 2015 from 11am to 1pm.   The Board, Dean Kuan and I have been planning this event for months. I want to say “Thank You” in advance to those teachers and parents who will support this event. I hope that every GCS members can attend and show your support as well. Attached is the Library poster for your reference.

2/21/15:   We are going to have our Chinese New Year celebration on 2/21/15 Sunday starting at 1pm.   It is a tradition to have all family members together to celebrate the New Year.  I sincerely invite each and every one of the GCS family members to join us for this special celebration.  Please don’t forget to bring a special dish, or  prize to share with the GCS families.   

I thank you in advance for your support for all these events. Hope everyone stays safe and warm.



Hueling Tsai Evans

WebMaster Gcs,
Feb 7, 2015, 4:33 AM
WebMaster Gcs,
Feb 7, 2015, 4:33 AM