Principal's Letter 校長的信 3/6/2015

posted Mar 6, 2015, 6:11 PM by WebMaster Gcs



我要特別提醒大家這個星期日, 3月8日,開始日光節約時間。請家長們不要忘記設置你的時鐘提前一小時。

學校夏令營(6/22到 6月26日) 已經在網路及報紙上刊登。 所有相關資料都已放在網站。 請散播這個消息給你的朋友和家人。

下列是我們三月份專題演講的的時間表。 希望大家踴躍參加,也可邀請親朋好友一起來。

•3/15, 2-3pm我們資深的太極拳教練,羅世清老師,會給我們介紹太極拳,讓我們更多了解太極起源,文化和歷史,還有對健康的益處。
•3/29, 2-3 pm美國台裔學生協會到校演講如何申請大學。主講人曾筱晴是蓋城畢業校友。筱晴是美國台裔學生協會大華府地區主席。她和她的講員會給準備申請大學的高中生重要的資料。 給參加的高中生和他們的父母許多不同的想法與建議。參加的學生也有機會問這些大學生申請表的寫法、學術課程和大學生活有關的問題。 她還提出了家長座談會,(3-4pm)讓家長知道如何在申請大學過程中支持他們的孩子。

希望所有家長們參加這些專題演講。 也祝福每一蓋城家庭健康平安。


Dear GCS family members,

I  hope everyone stays safe and warm in this winter weather.

This is a reminder that Daylight Savings Time begins on 3/8/15, this coming Sunday.  Please don’t forget to set your clock ahead one hour.  I believe that you all will enjoy the coming Spring!

Our school summer camp website, is up and running.  Please spread this news to your friends and family, especially the early bird discount will end on 3/31/15.

We have a full schedule of guest speakers in  March, starting this coming Sunday.   Please feel free to invite anyone who is interested  in any of the speech.
·        3/8, 2-3pm  We are pleased to have Dr. Hsing speak on Social Security Benefits.  Dr. Hsing will talk about Social Security in details.
·        3/15, 2-3pm  Our long-time Tai Chi instructor, Dr. Lo, will give us an introduction to Tai Chi.  In this lecture, Dr. Lo will help us to learn more about Tai Chi’s origin, culture and history, also the health benefits.
·        3/29 , 2-3pm College Application Seminar.  It is sponsored by the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA). I am proud to say that the speaker, Ms. Christina Tseng, is a GCS alumnus.  Christina currently is Chairman for the DC, MD and VA region of ITASA.  She and her colleagues will share experiences with our students how to prepare college applications.  She also proposes a Parent discussion session so parents will know how to support their children during the application process.

Please join us at all these exciting and informative sessions. Hope to see you at all events.


Hueling Tsai Evans