Principal's Letter 校長的信 Happy Mother's Day 母親節快樂 May 10, 2015

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首先,我要祝福所有的蓋城媽媽們有一個美好的母親節。我們將準備一個蛋糕在點心時間讓大家享用。 請大家來參加這個慶祝母親節的活動。

上個星期日我們運動會的活動進行的非常成功和順利。我們收到了8枚獎牌(143銅),同時我們的家長和教師們辛勤的支援無論是比賽場上的活動或是攤位的幫忙,充分發揮團隊合作精神。 謝謝董事長顏照晃帶領的董事會成員和部分家長支持現場活動,也謝謝教務管主任帶領老師和部分家長支持食品銷售,更謝謝一些家長們花了許多的心力和時間幫忙準備好吃的食物。我再一次的感謝每一位支持本次活動的每一位蓋城人。因為您的支持,我們能夠表現蓋城的真精神!









Dear GCS family members,

First, I want to send my best wishes to all the GCS mothers and wish everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day.  We will prepare a cake for this event, and we will serve it during snack time. Please come to join us for this event.

We had a successful Field Day last Sunday. We received 8 medals (1 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze), and parents and teachers worked hard selling food at our GCS booth.  This was a truly team work.  President Chaohuang led the board members and some parents to support field activities, and Dean Kuan led the teachers and some parents to support the food selling. I sincerely thank each and every one of you who supported this event.  Because of your support, we were able to show the true spirit of GCS!

Our Chinese Culture Summer Camp is still open for enrollment.  Please spread the word to your friends and family who have children in elementary school and are looking for a camp.  This will be their best opportunity to learn and to have fun in Chinese Culture during summer. Attached please find our camp flyer for your reference.

Also, we have started our Fall 2015 registration.  Please complete the attached registration form (or you can download from our website,, and send it together with your check to Emily Lin, our Registration Lead.

As I reported in my last letter, we had a great Chinese Culture Day two weeks ago, and this event has been reported in newspapers.  Please refer to the attached downloaded newspaper article, and two links to these reports:

Although the school year will be ending soon, we still have some work to do.  Please continue to help your children with their school work. Our closing ceremony will be May 31.  Please mark your calendar and hope everyone will attend the final event of the school year.  

Best regards,

Hueling Evans


WebMaster Gcs,
May 27, 2015, 4:43 AM
WebMaster Gcs,
May 27, 2015, 4:43 AM