GCS Principal's Letter 蓋城校長的信 May 26, 2015

posted May 27, 2015, 4:46 AM by WebMaster Gcs


我要提醒大家五月二十七日 (星期三)是我們漢字文化節端午節多媒體展示全球網路票選活動的最後一天。您也許不知道,我們的老師,學生和許多的家長們花費了很多的心力,來促成這項活動。您的投票是給那些所有參與這個過程的人,最好的鼓勵和支持 請大家邀請親朋好友到學校網站http://www.gcs-md.org/ 觀賞同學們努力的學習成果 並投下神聖的一票.

董事會和我決定在這個星期天(5/31) 1:00pm 12:30pm開始設立)到1:50pm 時在TECRO的文化中心( 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878)   舉行學年聚餐暨謝師宴。這是我們蓋城人在學年結束一起 聚餐的機會(早前因天氣等原因我們取消了中國春節和食品義賣)。同時藉此機會表達感謝給所有的老師們一學年的辛勞。請家長們參與這項聚餐 的機會,並帶來拿手的好菜支持這項活動。

我們結業和畢業典禮將於下午2:00開始 (聚餐之後)。如同以往的典禮,除了頒獎之外,我們準備了豐富的節目,展示學生多才多藝的一面,今年我們會特別展示端午節獲獎同學的多媒體作品。 這個星期天 (5/31) 的活動是學校這個學年的最後一場盛會,我誠摯的邀請每一位蓋城人參加。 希望能看到大家!



Dear GCS family members,


This is a reminder that tomorrow (5/27/15) is the last day to vote in our Dragon Boat Festival Multimedia presentation online contest.  Our teachers, students, and volunteers have spent a lot of effort to make this event possible. Your vote is the best encouragement and reward to those who were involved in the process.  Please invite your family and friends to go to our school website, http://www.gcs-md.org/, to participate in this online voting. 


The Board and I have decided to have a potluck this coming Sunday at the Culture Center of TECRO ( 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878)  from 1:00pm to 1:50pm (set up at 12:30pm).  It is our opportunity to have a meal together as a family before school closes.  We didn’t get the chance to do it earlier due to weather and other reasons (we canceled Chinese New Year and Food Sales).  We also want to take this opportunity to show appreciation to all of our teachers for their hard work.  Please support this event by bringing your best dishes.


Our Closing and Graduation Ceremony will start at 2:00pm, right after the potluck.  One of the highlights of the Ceremony is that we will showcase the winners’ presentation of multimedia work.   It is our final event of the school year and I hope to see everyone in the Ceremony.

Best regards,

Hueling Evans