GCS Principal's Letter 蓋城校長的信 June 4, 2015

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像許多其他學校的活動一樣,我們在週日進行的結業和畢業典禮非常圓滿和成功 (見報導http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/15/6/2/n4448759.htm),我要感謝所有幫忙的家長和老師們,因為你們投入的心血,我們才能有這麼好的成果。有幾位幫忙的家長我想特別提出來:我們的董事長顏照晃花了無數的時間和夜晚,設立我們文化日的票選網站,同時他還幫忙典禮準備工作;康樂組組長郭允文協調整個典禮活動,設計節目表的展示並耐心的更改多次一直到典禮前的最後一天;文書組的組長何心宇更是花了無數個小時列印所有的獎狀和證書;管教務主任統籌所有教師所交出的學生名單和董事會協調,確保學生的名字和獎項無誤,最後在百忙之中還幫忙計算文化節的評審成績; 我很抱歉無法一一列出所有幫忙家長或是老師的名單。如同這一年我們經歷的其他活動,如學校野餐,在圖書館的中國新年慶祝活動,中國文化日端午節,運動會,我們總是有許多的家長貢獻他們的時間和精力來支持學校活動。看到他們無私奉獻的精神,為我們的孩子們和學校的努力, 我總是心存感激和感動。因為這正是蓋城成長41年的精神!






Dear GCS family members,


Although our school year is over, I wanted to write this last Principal’s Letter to share my thoughts with you.


Like many other school events, our Closing and Graduation ceremony last Sunday was a success, thanks to the many volunteers who helped out.  To name a few, our Board President Chaohuang spent countless hours to make the online voting work and also checked on graduation preparations on a daily basis; Recreation Lead Thomas coordinated the entire event  and put together the graduation Program; Documentation Lead Hsin Yu spent hours printing all the certificates; Dean Kuan worked with all teachers and Board members to make sure student names and awards were error free.  I apologize for not being able to mention every single person who helped on this event.  Like other get-togethers we’ve had through the years, such as school picnic, Chinese New Year celebration at the library, Chinese Culture Day, and Field Day, we always have volunteer parents giving their time and effort to support those events.  I always feel grateful and touched by their selfless devotion to make a difference for our children and for our school.   This is exactly the spirit that has carried GCS for 41 years!  


I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to each parent for your trust  in our school, and your support to our school. 


And last, I hope all of you enjoy the summer and have a cool and wonderful break!


Best regards,

Hueling Tsai Evans