校長的信 Principal's Letter 12/29/2015

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未來幾個月,蓋城安排或參與許多的活動。例如二月十三日支援 Quince Orchard Library 的中國新年慶祝和表演,二月十四日在蓋城的慶祝中國新年聚餐和表演,四月十七日校內認字比賽,四月二十四日漢字文化節活動暨午餐義賣,五月一日與台語學校合辦大華府中文學校聯合運動會,六月五日結業暨畢業典禮。僅靠董事老師學生和一些在上課時間留下來待命的家長(謝謝你們)是不夠的。親愛的家長,如果你還沒有機會幫助學校,請和我聯絡。幫忙無論大小,有了大家的參與,學校可以運作的更好。有了大家的幫忙,蓋城才可持續下去!


為慶祝中華民國105年元旦,華府榮光聯誼會、台灣同鄉聯誼會及黃埔同學會訂於201611日(星期五)上午10時假馬州洛城Richard Montgomery High School250 Richard Montgomery Dr., Rockville, MD 20852)戶外廣場舉行「大華府地區僑學界慶祝中華民國105年元旦升旗典禮」。希望各位家長和同學踴躍參加。另駐美代表處亦將於當天上午1030分假該校Cafeteria舉辦「慶祝中華民國105年元旦暨全僑新年團拜活動」。有興趣參加者請告知人數,謝謝!




Dear GCS family members,

This is the end of the year. It is also a time for us to count our blessings and give thanks to people who helped us, especially during difficult times.  There were many events happened this year. Some are encouraging; some are cherished; some were disappointing, and some may be used as lesson learned. To me, I think it is the important to me to thanks all of you who contributed so much to the Gaithersburg Chinese School in the past. Without many of you, there would not have the past 41 years of memories of the Gaithersburg Chinese School.


There are so many people at Gaithersburg Chinese School that have devoted so much of their efforts to the school. No doubt that Mrs. Hueling Tsai Evans is always going to be the top of everyone's memory. However, I want to remind everyone to express your gratitude to many others, such as our President, Mr. Chao-Huang Yen, Mrs. Hsu-Fen Kuan, all the board members, and all the teachers. I would also like to special mention and congratulate three of our High B students, Emily Wang, Yi Rong Moh, and Yi Xuen Moh for their willingness and effort at the last minute notice representing Gaithersburg Chinese School to participate in the Great Washington Metropolitan Area Chinese Culture Digital Learning Competition and won the third place. They did not have to go. However, their parents, their teacher, and most importantly, themselves are willing to represent our school to participate this competition. This spirit and dedication is really admirable.  


There are many scheduled activities in the next few months at the Gaithersburg Chinese School. For example, we will support Quince Orchard Library for their annual Chinese New Year and Culture celebration on February 13; we will have our annual Chinese New Year celebration and potluck the day after on February 14; word recognition contest on April 17; Chinese Language and Culture celebration and potluck fundraising on April 24; we are in charge the Great Washington Metropolitan Chinese School field day planning and organization together with Taiwanese School on May 1; and graduation on June 5. These activities cannot be accomplished with only a handful of board members and teachers. We need your participation! Parents, if you have not volunteered your time to Gaithersburg Chinese School recently, please come forward.  No act of kindness is too small.  Your small gift of time will go a long way. With your help, I sincerely hope our school will continue its work.


TECRO and several local Chinese organizations will celebrate the New Year this coming Friday at 10 a.m. (January 1, 2016) with a symbolic flag raising ceremony at the Richard Montgomery High School (250 Richard Montgomery Dr., Rockville, MD 20852). Lunch will be provided afterward at the cafeteria of Richard Montgomery High School. I hope there will be a good representation of Gaithersburg Chinese School at such a meaningful event. Please advise me and provide a head count if you are interested in participating.  

I hope you all have a happy New Year.  Count your blessings!
Joseph Su