Principal's Letter 校長的信 5/20/2016

posted May 23, 2016, 4:51 PM by WebMaster Gcs





1. "漢字文化節 2016: 中國傳統建築的特色"全球網路票選活動已正式開始了! 請大家告訴大家快上網去投票。高中組和初中組得獎同學會有獎金獎。投票從即日起到五月二十四日止(下周二)


2. 這星期天(5/22)沒有課外活動。請在下午4點來把的孩子接回家。

3. 下星期天是陣亡將士紀念日長週末。蓋城不上學。請好好慶祝並注意安全。

4. 今年畢業結業典禮將在6/5TECRO舉行(地址:901 Wind River Lane,  Gaithersburg, MD)。我們今年還是要從下午12:30至下午1:30謝師餐會。正式典禮將於下午2:00至下午4:00舉行。以下是各班參考建議帶的食物:

2         甜點
高班A6       米飯或

高班B8       主菜: 雞鴨魚肉;蔬菜F 



Dear  GCS family members,


Another year of school is winding down. This Sunday (5/22) is the last week of instructional time at GCS. Here are a few reminders:


1. The online voting for the "Chinese Cultural Day: The Beauty of Chinese Architect" is officially opened for everyone, no matter where they are, from now to May 24  (next Tuesday). There is competition for high school and middle school teams but observation only for lower grader. Please support your child and their effort by going to to vote. There will be cash price and certificate for the winning team.


2. There is not extracurricular activities this week. Please come pick up your children at 4 pm this Sunday.


3. There is no school on Memorial Day Weekend. Please enjoy your long weekend and be safe.


4. Graduation this year will take place at TECRO on 6/5 (Address: 901 Wind River Lane,  Gaithersburg, MD). We will have potluck lunch party from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30pm.  Ceremony will take place from 2:00pm  to 4:00pm. Potluck dish suggestion:


Drink                                       G5

Dessert, sweet                         K3 and G2

Fruit                                        K1 and G4

Rice or noodle dish                 High A and G6
Entrée, meat and vegetables   High B and G8


Warm regards,


Joseph Su