Helping school

幫助學校財務的方法  Ways to Support the School Financially


1. 不增加家庭額外負擔,但學校受惠的方法:
  • 向學校購買 Giant﹑新亞、美心 及 金山 的禮券, Kimo Sushi, 學校可以有佣金收入。
  • 另增電話卡銷售
  • 向學校購買批發食品 (例如肉乾, 肉鬆等產品)

2. 若您願意捐款給學校: 直接捐給學校。


Gaithersburg Chinese School is an IRS and Maryland registered nonprofit organization. The main funding of the school is based on tuition from language and extracurricular classes.  However, the tuition income is not sufficient for the school.  Our school depends heavily on parents' contributions. The Board would like to express its gratitude to all parents for helping make our school operations possible.  For your information, the following is a list of ways to help our school financially:

1. At no cost to you, the school benefits from sales by getting a percentage of the sale price reimbursed:
  • Purchase store certificates (Giant, New Asia, Maxim, Kam Sam, Kimo Sushi, etc.)
  • Purchase phone cards.
  • Purchase dry food products such as beef jerky and dried pork

2. Donation: Donate to the school directly.

We thank you for your support!