Regulation of Absence

學生請假規則 Regulation of Absence


If for any reason your child is absent from school, parents should call the teacher or send a note the following week. Students should make up any missed homework or assignments.

**下雪天須知 Snow Day Policy


1. 請收聽 WTOP1500 或者 WASH-FM 97.1. 如果該電台播報"所有 Montgomery County Public School 活動取消"或者 "Gaithersburg Chinese School Closed"即表示學校不上課。

2.   網路上查閱

3.   網路上查閱

4.   網路上查閱

5.   您可以打電話到蓋城中文學校 Tel: 301-519-1777

In case of snow or inclement weather conditions, to find out if the school is closed please check with one of the following:

  1. Listen to WTOP AM 1500 or WASH-FM 97.1. If it's announced "All Montgomery County Public School activities canceled", or "Gaithersburg Chinese School Closed", there will be no school.
  2. Check the Internet at
  3. Check the Internet at
  4. Check the Internet at

    1. You may call GCS, Tel: 301-519-1777